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Lurainya has given my 16 year old daughter something that no other teacher has ever given her: confidence in herself! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Ruth Hanson

Lurainya Koerber of Moon Gypsy Productions teaching belly dance workshop, students wearing coin scarves
Lurainya of Moon Gypsy Productions teaching belly dance veil workshop in Doylestown, PA, using red silk veil

From teens to on-the-go seniors, Lurainya is a caring and sensitive instructor who is adept at making all her students feel comfortable regardless of their level or ability. Her classes are always fun!Chris Ochadlick, student

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Whenever I have been in a room of women belly dancing, an undeniable sense of magic is in the air. Women seem to find a place in themselves that they might not be aware of. It is the place where we connect with our mothers, our sisters, our grandmothers. It is an ancient place of power and love and sister-hood. I have found this in other ways but belly dance seems to take you there faster and with almost no effort. Shoaleh Teymour, student

“Thanks for another great night in class! I cannot thank you enough for being there for us and for being such an inspiration. I can see the joy in you when you teach. What you offer is more than just dance lessons, you offer good health, happiness & fun. I look forward to many more lessons.” ~ Kathleen, student

“Learning to bellydance from Lurainya is like having your best friend teach you to be strong and sexy! She is supportive and fun.” ~ Dawn A. Boger

“As a middle-aged woman, I have found belly-dance to be a source of healing and enjoyable exercise, wonderful friendships and spiritual centering. Lurainya teaches the dance with conviction, with passion and as a teacher who reveals to her students the inner beauty that each possesses…the beauty that shines forth in the dance. Ultimately, she helps other to heal through dance as she gently guides her students to their true beauty.” ~ Lorraine Smith, student

“I was formerly a trained Pilates instructor, and have been working one-on-one with my Pilates teacher for months to rehabilitate a badly sprained and weakened knee and the resulting postural imbalances because of it. I signed up for Lurainya’s beginner bellydancing series thinking it would be a fun way to integrate a different kind of movement into my life. My Pilates teacher and I were both surprised to observe that after just ONE bellydancing class with Lurainya my pelvis was noticeably better aligned! The benefits were immediate, and they’ve lasted!

I enjoy my weekly session at MoonGypsy Dance Studio all the more now that I’m aware of how these seemingly simple hip movements can powerfully reshape the body. Lurainya is a gentle and encouraging teacher who skillfully accommodates individual bodies and different levels of experience in her classes. I’d recommend it to anyone.”Jenny Isaacs, Founder/Director, Immigrant Rights Action Group of Doylestown

“I really love taking your classes – you are an excellent instructor and I have learned a lot. You are very kind and nurturing with all of us. Thank you for that.” ~ Lois Meier

“I just had to tell you. I talked to my Doctor about my latest Dexa Scan report. He said that my hipbones have shown a SIGNIFICANT increase in bone mass. Looking very puzzled, he asked what medication I was taking. I said I don’t take any, I only take my vitamins, and I bellydance. So it has to be the belly dancing!!! Will be sending in my money for the next session of classes!”
~ Petrona Charles

Lurainya stays with me because she is one of those people in life who touches everyone she meets with the power of hope. I remember the feeling of possibility I experienced in her classes, and it still helps today when I face challenging times, because I know I’ll make it through.Ruth Phillips

“Thanks again for being so kind. It is really nice that at the end of class i go home thinking that it is great that we all have such a wonderful, down-to-earth teacher. It really is a pleasure to be in your class. Some teachers aren’t this way. I just wanted to let you know that it is an honor.” ~ Leah Madden

“You are a wonderful dancer! I’ve seen other belly dancers but you not only have class, but skill. I look forward to taking classes with you.” ~ Annaleis

“If you have not taken bellydance classes with Lurainya do yourself a favor and sign up. She is an amazing teacher and will make you the best bellydancer you can be.”
~ Jenifer Prince

Lurainya has taught me that Bellydance is a dance about finding yourself.Jean Haldeman, student

“I feel I need to thank you…this semester I had to take a speech class and I gave an informative speech on belly dance, and for the first time in my life I knew something so well that I could give the speech without any note cards, no nothing, just a picture of you and I dancing together at the Casablanca as a visual aid. I know it may not seem like much but the combined confidence that you’ve given me, and the amount of history that you have taught me, was the reason for this success. So thank you so much. I miss you and everyone from class!” ~ Janan

“You are doing a fantastic job of educating those of us who had no idea what this dance was all about, so you are clearly achieving your goal of reaching every woman with the truth and benefits of Bellydance. And I have no doubt you will continue to do so. Your style is very accepting and gentle, while still managing to keep the bar high as far as form and respect for the dance. It is amazing that somehow the idea of a movement and lifestyle that celebrates being a woman, as well as our natural curves and movements seems foreign. The night of the [workshop] was really an education not only to the movements, but also as to how much fun it was; aside from learning, we were all laughing and having such a good time that the endorphins were really flowing.” ~ student, anonymous

“Kudos to you for managing to represent the dance so well within the confines of a mainstream magazine!!! And you look awesome on the cover!”

~ Megan “Fairouza” Chivetta, Dancer

“I took lessons with Lurainya through 7 months of pregnancy and it seemed to give me the exercise I needed and it didn’t make me (or the baby) stressed. I also continued to walk on a treadmill and do very low impact aerobics, but these made me cramp and later would start Braxon-Hicks contractions. Bellydancing did not do that – I could dance for an hour and feel great.” ~ “Vashti”, student

Lurainya Koerber of Moon Gypsy Productions teaching belly dance moves to students wearing coin scarves during class in Hatboro, PA

“Lurainya instills a love and respect for the dance into her students. This shows in the performances, the costuming, and in the movements.” ~ Mirjana, Dancer

“You are one of those people who has such an upbeat way of responding to life. You have a natural gift as a dancer in many ways, physically, emotionally, mentally. But it is your openness that I think makes you so special and able to give of yourself so much. I take heart from your encouragement as I’m sure all your students do. You are one of those rare gems who lights up the world around her and brings others in, moving them forward.” ~ Ruth Phillips, student

“You have been and still are the best instructor around!” ~ Mira

“I wanted to thank you for all the work you have done to help me because I know it was reflected in my performance yesterday. My first instructor came up to my mom to say I was the best performer there! She asked me afterward ‘Now aren’t you seeing another instructor somewhere?’ I said ‘I sure am’ and passed out some of your cards!”
~ Fahimah

“I feel that I am now part of a dance that is truly me: free, expressive, self-aware, and strong. You have helped me feel independent and beautiful and confident in my body, and that makes all the difference.” ~ Renee (student)

I have a much greater self image thanks to Lurainya’s classes! Maryfrances

Lurainya is a professional dancer gifted with the ability to teach this most difficult dance form, combining mind, body and soul…Her classes are so much fun! The women who participate, work hard and laugh a lot. The upbeat atmosphere is a reflection of Lurainya’s positive encouragement.” ~ Petie Charles, student

“Thank you for a wonderful show! My friends are very impressed with the culture of bellydancing and the skills it takes to perform! Your efforts were phenomenal and your dancing superb!” ~ Nancy, student

“Teaching in itself is a gift, but also being able to reach out to women who have been mislead and mistreated, and have identity issues, in order to help them find themselves in something so natural and ancient as Bellydance, is amazing. You [Lurainya] need to reach as many people as possible!” ~ Renee (student)

“Lurainya’s dancing is captivating! Her lessons are simple yet challenging, and make me really appreciate my body and soul for what they are.” ~ Jean Haldeman – student

Bellydance class with Lurainya is the best kind of therapy; physical and mental! Karyn F. – student

“Belly dancing is not only a phenomenal way to move your body but will also awaken your mind and soul in a way that nothing else can. The beauty about this dance and how it differs from other forms of dance is you don’t have to be a size two. This isn’t ballet. You can be curvy and voluptuous and still be graceful and beautiful. It’s a wonderful way to learn to appreciate your body.”

~ Shoaleh Teymour, student

“Lurainya is THE most talented and unselfish belly-dancing instructor I have encountered thus far. She teaches how to have fun with the dance while emphasizing technique with grace and beauty. Through her classes you find yourself appreciating the essence of being a woman and your femininity. Her creativity is endless, her commitment to the dance as an art form is unparalleled, and her vision knows no bounds. Thank you, Lurainya for all you have done and continue to do to bring increased respect and appreciation to the art that is belly-dancing.” ~ Lydia Navarro-Walker, dancer

“When I turned 40 my mid section decided to spread out in record time showing no mercy, even with diet and “regular” exercise. I am now 46 and on week seven of Lurainya’s class. For the first time in years, I lost 2 inches in my waist!!! I had to look at the measuring tape multiple times and had my husband verify it!!” ~ Kathleen M., student

“I truly enjoy your classes. Taking your class (and performing in the showcase) reminds me of my dance life many years ago. After college I filled my dance need with some ballet classes, but it’s not the same. Your bellydancing classes have become very important and influential in our house! I look forward and hope to be dancing with you for many years to come!” ~ Barb Chiesa LaSalle

Lurainya and her students in cabaret fringe costumes posing before student recital

“Lurainya’s dancing is captivating! Her lessons are simple yet challenging, and make me really appreciate my body and soul for what they are.” ~ Jean Haldeman – student

“I feel that I am now part of a dance that is truly me: free, expressive, self-aware, and strong. You have helped me feel independent and beautiful and confident in my body, and that makes all the difference.” ~ Renee (student)

“May I share with you again, that your commitment, attention, passion and honor for ‘your dance’ in the world feels really wonderful to be a part of. Thank you!” ~ Molly – student

“Sometimes in the evenings after a long day at work, it’s hard to be motivated to get in the car and go to class, but after class I always feel a lot better, and am always so glad I went!” ~ Bonnie (student)

“Lurainya is the “Queen of Posture!” ~ Mira

“I am so honored to moving up to the next level, and can’t wait to learn to dance as fluent, graceful, and beautifully as you. I have been with other teachers for the past five years and can honestly tell you that I felt very dissatisfied. I see how professional and passionate you are about bellydancing, so it has finally brought back the enjoyment and challenge I have been looking for.” ~ Gloria Hendricks, student

“I look forward to starting classes again once the baby is born. Everyone is amazed that I am so far along and don’t look that big. I just attribute it to bellydancing and the remarkable tone you can achieve by combining the basic moves and maintaining proper neutral posture all day, every day.” ~ Lisa D., student

“You were so wonderful performing at Casablanca last night. Thank you for such a great experience as well as for the opportunity to study and learn from you. I feel so fortunate to have lucked out to find you as a teacher! You just cannot imagine how thrilled I am to be a part of this. I cannot wait for class to begin!” ~ Yaas, student

“When I couldn’t make it to your classes due to driving distance, I dropped in on someone else’s bellydance class to check it out, boy was that a mistake! I actually hurt my neck and when I left there I was feeling sick to my stomach and in pain. Of course I never went back. When I leave your classes my joints feel all lubricated, and I just feel good! I have a dance background, lessons from the age of 4 to 17; my teacher wanted me to turn pro, so I know a little something about dance. The other teacher didn’t relate to her students the way you do; they were not having fun, she was not encouraging. She wasn’t even a very good dancer. In short I miss you and I can’t wait to come back to your classes!” ~ anonymous, student

“I just had a Dexa-scan done recently and the technician noted that I was an 1/8 of an inch taller since the last time! The Bellydancing is what I attribute to this little age reversal!” ~ Petie Charles – student

“I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job and for being so positive with your students.” ~ F. D., student

Students performing recital number in coin scarves and long colorful skirts at Lurainya's annual student recital

“I just wanted to take this time to say how much I enjoy your classes. You are a wonderful and inspiring teacher.” ~ Dorothy

“You truly are a talented teacher, Lurainya, with a gift for guiding others to experience this dance on many levels!” ~ anonymous, student

Workshop Review

Review: Lurainya’s “Day of Dance”
Doylestown, PA.

Lurainya’s return to teaching the art and science of belly dancing was inspirational and inspired.

Following many years of serious medical and personal challenges, Lurainya returned to teaching with a renewed sense of commitment and joy to the art form and to her students.

Lurainya teaches us that this dance is about celebrating sisterhood, embracing oneself and all that encompasses being a woman, to work on fitness at a physical and emotional and psychological level, and to rejoice in who we are as individual women within a truly special collective.

Lurainya, thank you! For your dedication, your vision, the positive energy you bring, and the beauty of all that is you!

To those looking to put away the hustle and bustle of everyday life, want to for a little while be at one with the universe, and truly embrace your place in the universe, Lurainya will be teaching weekly classes again beginning January 2019.

Learning from Lurainya is fun and practical as she modifies her cues (visual and verbal) and tailors your own learning experience!

Review by: Former and returning student: Jamela AKA Lydia Navarro-Walker, OTD, OTR/L, CLA

For more information on Lurainya and her classes: MoonGypsy.net