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"My Girl's a Bellydancer" t-shirt from Lurainya Koerber's products sold at MoonGypsy Productions
Lurainya Koerber's Moongypsy bellydance tank tops
Lurainya Koerber and her students at bellydancing workshop in Doylestown, PA wearing MoonGypsy tank tops

What I like about the Lurainya’s Guide to Bellydace is the richness of all the details of the dance that are covered. Your explanations of how to do the moves are very clear and sprinkled with a sense of humor. It is the kind of DVD that can be watched over and over. My own private lesson!Petrona Charles

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“Your DVD is wonderful! Keep ’em coming! The performance section is STUNNING, it’s an absolute joy to watch. Your obvious love of belly dance is written in every move and expression. Everybody should know how wonderful your dvd is! It’s absolutely one of the best instructional dvds I have (and I think I own them all…) Thank you so much for including drills and combos, those all-important segments allow beginners such as myself to experience belly dance as a complete dance, not just a series of disconnected movements. I can’t wait for “Lurainya’s Guide to Bellydance Volume 2!” ~Joy “Farah” Cavender

“Lurainya’s Guide to Bellydance is an excellent resource for beginning students and teachers alike… In her first teaching DVD, she takes viewers through 90 minutes of isolations, traveling steps, combinations, drills, and a rousing performance. Lurainya’s sincere teaching persona is as good as those of the very best belly dance teachers. I will recommend “Lurainya’s Guide to Bellydance” to my students, and I recommend it to you.” ~Mushirah (read full review)

“I’ve been working with your DVD…it’s honestly the best Instructional video for bellydance that I’ve ever worked with before. I’d say that it’s one of my best purchases in the year 2006, right up there with a plane ticket to France! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to put it together!” ~Jean Haldeman, student

“One of the best things about learning to belly dance is the music. The tracks used in class are fantastic! Lurainya has several different volumes of Class Mix CDs available for students. They’re an awesome mix of different styles of Bellydance music and they really help when you’re trying to practice at home.” ~ Arianna, student

Lurainya Koerber's Guide to Bellydance instructional DVD closeup