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Start the new decade off right with Bellydance classes!

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Lurainya Koerber of MoonGypsy Productions bellydancing with swirling silk teal veil

Lurainya Koerber is a professional performer, instructor and choreographer of American Bellydance and her own Ethnic fusion. She is dedicated to respectfully and responsibly heightening the awareness and prestige of this dance as an ancient art, innovative form of exercise and a source of healing.

Her efforts are constantly focused on bringing this dance into the main stream as not only a form of respectful entertainment, but as a healthful dance for women searching out their entirety.

Women and girls studying with Lurainya experience improved posture, higher self-esteem and a sense of empowerment, while also having fun and getting a great workout.

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Read more about the Benefits of Bellydance below.

Lurainya teaches Beginner Bellydance Workshop in Doylestown on 3/8/20!

Watching Lurainya dance was a mystical and beautiful experience. To see her perform is to understand more fully the truth of what Belly Dancing is. She illustrates through movement the ancient, mysterious and powerful art of Bellydancing. Amanda M. Soler, Chief Operating Officer, Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce

theBenefitsof Bellydanceare endless.

These benefits apply to anyone no matter their age, size or shape. It gives a fun and gentle workout exercising the mind, body and spirit!

Benefits can include:

  • increased flexibility
  • improved posture promoting balance
    and grace
  • toning muscles with intense isolations while increasing concentration
  • improved self esteem and body image
  • teaching muscular control as an aide throughout the birthing process
  • enhancing the balance between strength and flexibility
  • increased endurance
  • improved posture, promoting confidence, balance and grace
  • an overall feeling of empowerment

Lurainya has given my 16 year old daughter something that no other teacher has ever given her: confidence in herself! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Ruth Hanson

Lurainya Koerber of Moon Gypsy Productions belly dance demo outdoors spinning with teal silk veil
Lurainya Koerber of Moon Gypsy Productions belly dance demo outdoors with black fringe

I have noticed a difference in practice members who have taken up the art of bellydancing. They appear to have more flexible spinal muscles. Bellydancing is a great way to strengthen the spine and create a healthy activity between chiropractic adjustments.Dr. Paul Stratton