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All classes are currently on hold.

*Strict COVID-19 precautions are enforced for in-studio classes.
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“Lurainya’s classes have helped me to feel independent, beautiful and confident in my body. She has a way of reaching into the hearts of women and helping them find themselves. I hope she reaches as many women as possible!” Renee Pappas, Paralegal

theBenefitsof Bellydanceare endless.

These benefits apply to anyone no matter their age, size or shape. It gives a fun and gentle workout exercising the mind, body and spirit!

Benefits can include:

  • increased flexibility
  • improved posture promoting balance
    and grace
  • toning muscles with intense isolations while increasing concentration
  • improved self esteem and body image
  • teaching muscular control as an aide throughout the birthing process
  • enhancing the balance between strength and flexibility
  • increased endurance
  • improved posture, promoting confidence, balance and grace
  • an overall feeling of empowerment

Lurainya has given my 16 year old daughter something that no other teacher has ever given her: confidence in herself! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Ruth Hanson – Arbonne Consultant

Lurainya Koerber of Moon Gypsy Productions belly dance demo outdoors spinning with teal silk veil
Lurainya Koerber of Moon Gypsy Productions belly dance demo outdoors with black fringe

I have noticed a difference in practice members who have taken up the art of bellydancing with Lurainya. They appear to have more flexible spinal muscles. Bellydancing is a great way to strengthen the spine and create a healthy activity between chiropractic adjustments.Dr. Paul Stratton, Stratton Family Chiropractic

photos & testimonials

“I signed up for Lurainya’s beginner Bellydancing series thinking it would be a fun way to integrate a different kind of movement into my life. My Pilates teacher and I were both surprised to observe that after just ONE Bellydancing class with Lurainya my pelvis was noticeably better aligned! The benefits were immediate and they’ve lasted! I’d recommend her classes to anyone.”Jenny Isaacs, Founder/Director, Immigrant Rights Action Group of Doylestown

“I’m really grateful for “Lurainya’s Guide to Bellydance” Instructional DVD.  For anyone who can still play DVDs, I highly recommend it!  I had been taking classes with her for about 8 months (pre-covid) before I was hospitalized due to health issues and lost many months of practice time.  When I finally got back to taking classes, I felt stiff in my movements and out of shape from being away for so long.  I started using her DVD in between classes and not only was immediately seeing results in my stamina and posture, but it also gave me more confidence in my body when I saw her student model (who was shapely, with larger curves like mine) baring her midriff and looking beautiful.  No one needs to bare their midriff in Lurainya’s classes, but after working with her DVD, I now prefer to because I’m more confident in the shape of my body and I feel it helps me see the isolations better.”– Rachel Laird, Massage Therapist

“Ever since I met Lurainya back in 2008 she has been such a role model for me. She is so driven, always striving towards becoming the most influential artist she can be and working to actually make an impact in this world. As an aspiring artist myself, I’ve been so grateful to have her to look up to – she has been a steady source of inspiration and encouragement in my life.”Hannah Samson, Photographer, Violist, and Air National Guard

Lurainya speaking to and instructing a class of bellydance students