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Lurainya’s Guide to Bellydance

This innovative instructional DVD is one of a kind! With multiple camera angles and slow motion close-ups, you can REALLY see what the body is doing. PLUS it shows Lurainya working with a student model, pointing out exactly where you should be feeling the movements!

You’ll learn the basic isolations and travel steps, begin working with veil and finger cymbals, get a great workout with the 20-minute drills section, another mini-workout with the combos section, and see a performance by Lurainya!


Lurainya Koerber's Moongypsy bellydance tank tops
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MoonGypsy Tanktops

Every dancer needs this classic, thin-strapped black tank top! Choose your favorite design or get all 3 if you can’t decide…

"My Girl's a Bellydancer" t-shirt from Lurainya Koerber's products sold at MoonGypsy Productions
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“My girl’s a Bellydancer” T-Shirt

Fun and stylish with an extra splash of design on the back! Available in M, L, and XL. Grey T with navy blue ribbing and print.

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