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Lurainya Koerber bellydance demonstration with blue silk veil

Enjoy this Introductory Level workshop where you’ll learn about the beauty and benefits of Bellydance! Lurainya will give a performance demonstration, as well as teach about the history and the many physical benefits attained by practicing this artform (some of which you will experience for yourself as she teaches you the basics of beginner moves and combinations)! By the end of this workshop you will have had a great workout, while also learning hip “lifts and drops,” undulations, hip “figure-8s,” torso circles, snake arms, wrists circles, finger ripples, and so much more. You will improve your posture, and learn how to control muscles you never knew you had, all while having fun! Wear comfortable clothing that allows for movement (t-shirt and sweatpants are fine), and no, you do not have to bare your belly!

Perfect for women of all ages.

“Have you ever thought, ‘bellydance looks like fun, I wonder if I could learn to do that’? Well now is the best time to give it a try! Lurainya is an expert in her profession, and is passionate about teaching others the benefits of this dance. She takes you one step at a time working at your own pace. I tried it, and can tell you it’s a great workout while dancing – I highly recommend it! There’s no obligation to continue, and you can finally answer those questions in your head about ‘gee, I wonder what bellydancing is like!’” – Gloria Walker, Women in Business committee member, Mary Kay Specialist

Location: James-Lorah Auditorium, 132 N. Main St, Doylestown, PA 18901
Date: March 8, 2019
Time: 4 – 6:00pm
Price: $60

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Intro to Bellydance60.00 USDMarch 8, 2020 - 4 - 6:00pm - Intro workshop where Lurainya will introduce you to the beautiful world of bellydance
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