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Lurainya Koerber is a professional performer, instructor and choreographer of American Bellydance and her own Ethnic fusion. She is dedicated to respectfully and responsibly heightening the awareness and prestige of this dance as an ancient art, innovative form of exercise and a source of spiritual healing. Her efforts are constantly focused on bringing this dance into the main stream as not only a form of respectful entertainment, but as a healthful dance for women searching out their entirety.

*Thank you, everyone, for your patience and well wishes while I've been going through and recovering from ongoing medical issues. This has been a difficult time, but I will see you again when I'm back from my hiatus. Dance on!
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"Everybody needs to know how wonderful your DVD is! It's absolutely one of the best instructional DVDs out there!"

~Joy "Farah" Cavendar

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Click here to browse Lurainya's products including Bellydance Instructional DVDs, performance and show DVDs, t-shirts, tanktops and more!
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